XLA Series

Fully automatic X/Y cutter

Improves your automation and reduces production costs while increasing your output

XLD series

Automatic X/Y cutter
Fast and reliable solution for finishing your prints in many different applications

Inline cutting

Fully automatic X/Y cutter
Unattended cutting right after printing

JR series

Motorized media handling
Unwinding or rewinding of jumbo rolls inline with printers or cutters


Coreless Rewinder
Rewinding of small rolls just after cutting or as stand-alone unit


Long life cutting systems with self-sharpening blades


Modular system that grows with your business


Increase your output and automation

Everything you need to automate your finishing line

With over 40 years of experience in designing and manufacturing finishing equipment, Fotoba is today the market leader in various successful projects as textile finishing , SEG, wallpaper and much more. In partnership with some of the printing market leaders we developed a new concept of inline printing and cutting, drastically improving automation and workflow with the new XLA cutter.

Products range from offline and inline cutters,  coreless rewinders , jumbo roll media handling and finishing accessories to improve automation and versatility of our customers production.


Since 1974 Fotoba International has been focusing on giving professional service and innovative products , building its own business together with its own customers success.

Fotoba products are designed and manufactured to be reliable and long-lasting even after years of intensive usage without the constant need of consumables.

The experience and attitude to innovation are key factors of Fotoba leadership in the digital prints finishing world , our team constantly work to improve our systems creating new business opportunities for printing companies and for our partners worldwide.

Special Applications

Fotoba systems are designed to work in many different applications . Contact us to discover how we can help you to improve your production!


Access our customer support area to get in touch with one of our specialized technician and get support that will help you solving problems or getting more informations about your Fotoba cutters.


Fotoba International offer his finishing solution worldwide thanks to our many partners and customers