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Wall Paper Application

2017-11-20T13:35:31+00:00Categories: Special Applications|

Wall Paper digitally printed for interior decoration requires a perfect butt-joint which is impossible to be done reliably by hand cutting. The XLD170WP plus our REW104 coreless rolling unit can make this and industrial production.

Textile cutting

2018-02-26T10:48:09+00:00Categories: Special Applications|

Soft Signage requires to trim precisely the 4 sides of a panel to apply with high precision a seal that enables tensioning it on a frame. Our XLD320 can do this cutting with an extremely high precision and speed enabling industrial process in producing these signs.

Rolling poster for outdoor advertising

2017-11-20T13:33:42+00:00Categories: Special Applications|

To be delivered to the displays, poster are required to be rolled and taped to enable a quick handling. This operation is wide format printing is time consuming being done most of the time manually. With our REW160 it become easy and quick. (up to 600 poster rolled per hour)


2017-11-20T13:33:22+00:00Categories: Special Applications|

Beside cutting prints, our cutter are used to convert media from roll to sheet to feed Flat Bed printers. This feature generates a grate saving in cost of materials, handling, space and sizes optimization. In addition, many materials are not easy available in sheet provisions.