Canon/Fotoba Wallpaper Factory

24/7 unattended wallpaper production

Fotoba has designed a complete line of accessories which in combination to a Canon Colorado 1640/1650 printer provide a production workhorse that can transform Jumbo rolls into ready for delivery customized wallpaper rolls. In other words a WALLPAPER FACTORY that can run unattended all day long!

The Uvgel Wallpaper factory builds on the printing dimensional stability and productivity of the Canon Colorado. the solution provides an extra productivity by reducing drastically the loading time using a motorized Fotoba Jumbo roll media loader model JRL170 to feed the printer seamless with less expensive media while an inline Fotoba Cutter XLD170WP and Rewinder REW162 are providing an on-time finishing right after.

Label dispenser units are also available at the end of the line to tighten the rolls.

Both the Colorado and the Fotoba Cutter can work separately in case of need to use them for a different application.

Support & Documentation

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